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Madonna is 54 and her boyfriend is 25
Jennifer Lopez is 43 and her boyfriend is 25
Mariah Carey is 43 and her husband is 32

If you’re not dating anyone, don’t worry about it.
Maybe he wasn’t born yet…

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Do you just randomly cry when someone does the smallest thing that ticks you off and suddenly you remember everything annoying

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me:babe we gonna smash tonight
babe:wait i'm not ready for this
me:*hands babe GameCube controller* 1v1, No Items, Final Destination





no one will ever understand the deep fucking connection I have with this film

For real though

John Hughes was the king of cinema for generations of teenagers.

Such an important film.  There hasn’t been a coming-of-age film like it since.  Truly.  It’s a lost genre.  Also an incredible soundtrack full of great music from its era.

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u wanna say that to my face bitch?? ??? well please dont it will hurt my feelings

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My taste in music ranges from “you need to listen to this” to “I know, please don’t judge me.”

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It doesn’t matter who you are, or what age you are, when Fall Out Boy comes on the radio the 14-year-old inner emo is unleashed.

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